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Boomerang Festival



A new world Indigenous Festival for all Australians. Join in the Boomerang festivities at Bluesfest once again in 2019.

Visit the Boomerang Website

An initiative of Bluesfest director Peter Noble and Rhoda Roberts, a Bundjalung woman and Festival Director, Boomerang is an experience of living cultures through traditional and contemporary music, featuring some of the world’s oldest instruments, dance and rituals along with traditional arts practices and workshops that focus on mother tongues and first instruments.



A beautiful summary about the very first Boomerang Festival, back in 2013

Over 5000 attendees over the three cloud-free days were engaged with the music, art, dance, painting, film, discussion and cultural exchanges of our first nation people from around the world. From the weaving circles to traditional Maori healing and tea with our elders, Boomerang offered a completely unique experience to festival goers.


“There was the sun and the sand grounds; and then there were all of us together on the crest of a new beginning. It’s obvious the people will return for this experience and for our people it will be a returning of the culture.”

— Festival Director, Rhoda Roberts.




Boomerang features the very best our original culture has to offer in the arts, talks and ideas, as well as emerging musicians, and dancers, workshops and much more. Head over to the Boomerang Festival website to check out the incredible lineup.


Visit the Boomerang Website






Comments from some of our Boomerang performers

"Boomerang is a beautiful special festival, it warmed our collective hearts"

— Michael Hohnen/Gurrumul


"It's the first of its kind in this part of the country. Bringing mobs together to showcase the breadth of talent and culture is something I am glad to be a part of."

— Archie Roach (pictured above)


"The Boomerang Festival is perfectly named – It will come back! If relations between black and white Australians are to become more equitable more mature and more democratic. The Festival will play an important role in the two-way process so important in bringing cultures and its peoples closer. Not only that, with the inaugural Boomerang as the bench-mark it actually would be a lot of fun…trust me, I'm a journalist."

— George Negus


“To be able to share the stories of my Yanyuwa aunties and uncles through song with such a beautiful crowd, was really wonderful, having people like Josh Bond and Jukapura (SP) up singing with me is very special and one of the great things about Boomerang Festival was the ability to be able to perform, share and create with so many talented First Nations people from across the world.

“This has been an experience allowing people to experience so many different cultures through dance, film, song and story-telling, I can’t wait until next year.”

— Northern Territory Songwoman, Shellie Morris


“The festival had a great vibe and we hope to come back again. Thank you Boomerang!”

— Slip On Stereo




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