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Large Vehicle Camping

If you are planning on bringing a camper trailer, caravan. motor home or vehicle over 6 meters you MUST purchase a special pass. Please call the office on 02) 6639 9800 to arrange one today. Make sure you have the make/model and dimensions handy.

This ticket is on top of your festival and camping tickets and is per vehicle (not per person). 

This ticket will allow you to fit your vehicle in our camp grounds.There is no designated area for large vehicles, large vehicles are placed around the camp grounds and will not necessarily be in an area that matches your ticket. For example you may have a 5 day ticket but be placed in a 1 day camping area as we have places for large vehicles in this area.

Please note that there is NO POWER to any of our camp grounds. Generators are not permitted.
The maximum vehicle size allowed on the Bluesfest site is 9.5 metres. If you bring a vehicle over the size of 9.5 metres you will be refused entry.

  • Camper Trailer and Car:
    This is for anyone with a car and ANYTHING towed i.e camper trailer or trailer with camping gear. Please note that when your camper trailer is opened out it can be no longer than 6 meters otherwise you will need to purchase a Large Vehicle Camping Pass. (Caravans need a large vehicle camping ticket)
  • Large Vehicle Camping max vehicle size 7.5 metres:
    Any vehicle that is from 6 meters to 7.5 meters long e.g- motor home, campervan, ALL caravans (not including car) etc
  • Extra Large Vehicle Camping max vehicle size 9.5 metres:
    Any vehicle that is from 7.5 meters to 9.5 meters - this also includes large caravans (not including car but including draw bar) and motor homes.

These Large Vehicle sites are limited and will sell out.

Please ensure you do not accept upgrades from your Camper Hire provider.
Bluesfest does not accept responsibility for the upgrade and will not refund patrons that are unable to camp because of size restrictions.

You will be refused entry to camp if you have a vehicle bigger than the size quoted when booking your Large Vehicle Camping ticket through the Bluesfest office.

 Please note: Absolutely no camping vehicles of any kind will be allowed to park in the Bluesfest car park (including Wicked Vans) before or after hours. If you wish to camp at Bluesfest you will have to buy a camping ticket. Any campervans found in car parks will be towed.





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