Camping is available for Entrants and their Buddies for any or all nights from Thursday through to Sunday in designated entrant camping areas within Exhibition Park In Canberra (EPIC). Camping is not permitted prior to Thursday and recommend alternative accommodation be arranged.

Toilet and shower facilities are available in various locations on the campgrounds.

Entrants NOT camping, but utilising a campsite as a reserved parking space during the event, are required to pay the appropriate camping fees. You are using an allocated campsite to park your car & the camping fee allows you access to your vehicle 24hrs if required.


Who Can Camp?

Camping is only available to those who have already purchased a Season Pass e.g. Entrants, Buddies, Season, Platinum Passes.

A Camping Pass is to be purchased by each person camping in addition to a Season Pass.

All Entrant Campers will need to clear scrutineering before they proceed to the Entrant Camping check in.

If you have pre-reserved a site, you will need your confirmation paperwork ready to produce for the Camping Marshals. If you did not pre-reserve a site, you will be allocated upon arrival.

All entrant camping grounds have access to power as well as toilet and shower facilities.


Entrants camping together as a club or group?

Only Entrants are permitted to reserve a campsite at Summernats. Ensure all entrants included in your group have entered and paid both the entrant pass and camping component. Your reservation will not be processed until ALL required paperwork and appropriate fees are paid.

Complete the Summernats Entrants Campsite Reservation Form below to reserve a site.

For those who would like to reserve the same site as the  previous year, you will still be required to complete a new form each year and must have it submitted to the Summernats Office by the 31st May to secure that same site. Entrant Campsite Reservations Close 1 December.

The camping fee entitles each entrant to an approximate 6m x 5m site. The entrant, tent, entrant vehicle, camping gear and all Buddies need to be able to fit within the allocated space given. Larger sites are made up of several entrants camping together.

Hire of marquees and other equipment are the entrants responsibility and can be organised directly through our preferred supplier, Barlens Hire on (02) 6206 2020. Give them a call and ask for a deal. Tey will be happy to help out.

If you have organised a marquee through a non- preferred supplier, you MUST advise the Summernats Office of the company details and the dimensions of the marquee and the supplier is MUST contact Summernats to arrange permission to build.

All appropriate documentation such as, Work Cover, Public Liability, Safe Work Method Statement and engineering certificates MUST be provided before ANY structure or build is commenced.  

Further detailed information can be found on the Summernats Entrant Campsite Reservation Form. 





When Can I Camp? 

Entrant camping opens from 7am Thursday via Gate 9 or Gate 7B provided the entrant and their vehicle have cleared scrutineering. ALL Entrants and their vehicles are not permitted into Exhibition Park until their vehicle has cleared scrutineering.

NOTE: There will be NO Entrant camping available Tuesday or Wednesday- NO exceptions. Applies to ALL Entrants. Entrant vehicles cannot be left on- site prior to Thursday unless prior arrangement made with Summernats Management 


What can I bring?

A small gas BBQ - ensure the gas bottle is approved for safety.

A Safe power lead. Must be tested and tagged. (lead testing and tagging service is available at Summernats for a small fee)

You may bring eskies to store your food- eskies must remain at your campsite.

There is a Supermarket on-site for all those essentials you've forgotten or need.


What not to bring?



Glass Bottles





Pools and Spas


Motorised scooters, eskies, skateboards or any unauthorised vehicles

Any other item prohibited as per the terms and conditions of entry.

You must submit to a search of your car and trailer each time you enter Exhibition Park. Vehicles in enclosed trailers will be escorted to their destination and then searched by security once car has been removed. Any alcohol, fuel or other prohibited items found will be confiscated and not returned. 

Please DO NOT bring Kettles, Toasters, fridges over the size 180L and any furniture you are not willing to take home with you. 

Fuel will be available to purchase, at market prices, from fuel depot site. See Entrant Information page for full details.



(Non Entrant Vehicles)


On Campsite parking ONLY. NO Cruising. Campers ONLY.

Entrant Camper vehicles are vehicles which have been permitted inside Exhibition Park, to be parked at the Entrant's campsite and must remain there for the duration of the event. Includes: support cars, camper vans, buses and all vehicles that become sleeping quarters or storage with an engine or that can be driven. Once the vehicle is inside the grounds, it cannot come and go through the gates. The camper vehicle MUST fit on the allocated site with all other camping gear and the entrant vehicle.  



Limited access to Load/Unload at Judging Pavilion & Burnout track pickup area. May be parked at Entrants own campsite. NO Cruising. Available to ALL Entrants.

Entrant Support Vehicles are additional vehicles that have been permitted inside Exhibition Park, which is required to tow your entered vehicle, carry spares and display equipment to specific areas ONLY. Space inside Exhibition Park is limited. If you DO NOT have a campsite you MUST park your support vehicle Off-site in the prepaid car park (included) or in the trailer parking area with your trailer attached. Trailer parking is subject to space availability. 

All Entrants and/or nominated drivers will be required to fill out the appropriate 'Additional On-Site Vehicle' form at scrutineering to confirm driver & car details and to receive a permit for the support vehicle. Support Vehicles parked inappropriately within the event grounds will be removed if contact cannot be made with the owner/driver.

NOTE: One ‘Additional On- Site Vehicle’ per Entrant only. Buddies are not permitted to have vehicles inside the grounds on Entrant Campsites.

In the case that you require more than one ‘Additional On-site Vehicle’, eg. one for your transporter and one for your towing vehicle, you will need to advise the Summernats Office with the types of vehicle and request special permission before you purchase your tickets. 



Trailers cannot be left on campsites. NO exceptions! Trailers or trucks parked inappropriately on-site will be removed. All trailers must be left in the designated trailer parking area just outside Gate 7. Trailer parking is free and is subject to space availability. Note: Parking fees apply to any vehicle attached to a trailer.



No table- top trucks (or similar) are to be parked at campsites. All trucks and transporters must be parked in the Offsite trailer parking area at Gate 7. Trailer parking for trucks and transporters is free and is subject to space availability.

If you intend to bring a transporter, you are required to advise the Summernats Office to arrange prior to the event and MUST arrive during daylight hours. 


Entrant Tent City Campers

Experience the fun & the convenience of camping at Summernats without the hassle of bringing your own camping gear.

2 or 4 person tents plus stretchers are available to Entrants. Further details and a venue map can be found on the Entrant campsite reservation form.

Tent City Entrants can check in at Gate 9 or Gate 7b from Thursday 7am once their Entrant vehicle has cleared Scrutineering. You must check out of your tent by 10am Sunday morning. The $100 refund is payable on final departure through Gate 9, provided there is no damage to the tent and stretchers. No refunds will be paid after the event closure on Sunday 6pm.