Check out the Kids Club in Central Park Friday and Saturday 10am - 4pm at The Summernats. There are heaps of fun things to do, with great rides, activities, giveaways and much more!

Note: A parent or responsible adult must remain with the child at all times. This is not a child care facility!

Come and meet Clunka, The Summernats mascot at Kids Club.



Calling ALL kids that have a creative side with a Summernats twist!

Summernats will present four awards for the presentation of a creative portrayal of The Summernats.

Whether it be the clothes they dress up in, a hat which has been made, shoes which have been modelled or their favourite bike, pedal car, trike or billy cart, which is built to represent The Summernats (NO motorised vehicles allowed).

Be creative, be experimental, ask Dad, Mum, Big Brother or Sister to help and head to Kids Club with your item of choice 11am Friday at the Summernats for judging.